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Nature by Trejok specializes in collecting pieces with a beautiful history and spectacular designs. We believe in combining ancient and contemporary pieces to fill spaces of beauty and hope. We get the most delicate selection of tableware and select accessories for tea, coffee, home decoration, and kitchen. We also create handmade pieces that achieve a unique contrast when bringing together the past with the present. Do not be surprised if you find a teapot from 1900 paired with a new handmade tray, making tea/coffee time the most enjoyable of your experiences.

We also had an exquisite selection of contemporary pieces with an essence of protection to the environment, nature, and life. These pieces can be represented by bags, shoes, clothing, tabletop, or our skincare line. At Nature by Trejok, we are an oasis of creativity, resilience, and art where our protagonist is the customer. We are here to guarantee you a unique experience in our journey of vintage and contemporary combinations. Visit us frequently that we have a find or a new creation that will fascinate you to discover every day. Thank you for choosing us today; we are here to serve you!

"My fear is my most significant drive to success" has been the phrase used by Dr. Kenia Garcia to enter the business world in Silver Spring, Maryland. For family reasons, she had to leave behind her thriving medical practice in the Dominican Republic and move to the United States to pursue new paths.
An exquisite woman raised Dr. Garcia with a wondrous love for elegant dinnerware. It was quite common to have breakfast outdoors on tableware from Limoges or Richard Ginori. Likewise, each family member had their personalized linen napkin for their place at the table at lunchtime. With the influence of this woman, Nature by Trejok was born as a project focused on creativity, diversity, and the combination of handmade elements with vintage and contemporary pieces to beautify the home and take care of family appearance members.

Dr. Garcia, looking to learn more about the business world, applies to the Maryland Women Business Center and is accepted into an incubator program and physically begins selling her vintage products. Nature by Trejok customers began to demand more products, and it is from there where beautiful handbags, shoes, personalized products, handmade home accessories are introduced that received tremendous support from the community, friends, and followers of this woman who has come to break down barriers, using her creativity, firmness and with the great desire to satisfy her clients in a unique and memorable way.