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Perfect for a family who love enjoy together a delicious chocolate. It is enough for 12 ounces of chocolate. No safe for microwave and dishwasher safeQuantity 1


ach piece is made by hand, with non-toxic water-based paint. Inspired by a different Christmas with bright colors that transmit joy, freshness and happiness. Colors are based on the pantone palette. 8 units


It is the combination of allegorical Chritmas branches. Using then in your table will make your set up unique Set of 6


This is an unique collection that we created thinking in a delicate home with family members that deserve the best. the Napkins and rings are made with organic cotton. They are washable in regular wash...


Includes the mug and a decorated teaspoon. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Perfect for a secret Santa present.


Vintage adorable tea set with 5 cups and saucers.Ideal for a minimalist home.No Microwave safeDishwasher saveQuantity: 1


Inspired by the idea of ​​a romantic and sweet Christmas! Handmade with our hearts!


Christmas Santa Rea Pot is made in porcelain, enough for 6 tea cups. • Dishwasher safe• No microwave safe. Quantity: 1Weight: 2 pounds