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$16.99 $35.00
$16.99 $35.00

Velvet Fabric 18”x18” handmade, excellent to combine with other fabrics design or use by itself. 


Handmade in organic cotton. If you are a romantic lady who love boho or bohemian style it will perfect match with your home. Size: 18 inches x 18 inches  You will be able to wash...


Inspired by the idea of ​​a romantic and sweet Christmas! Handmade with our hearts!


This is a handmade combination of a beautiful pattern for the front that combines Orange, burgundy, and beige, creating a fabulous contrast that can be placed in a modern home with bohemian style. it is washable,...


This is a handmade accessory special for decoration(desk, living room table) for a happy active girl. It has 5 inches L and 2.8 inches W.


ach piece is made by hand, with non-toxic water-based paint. Inspired by a different Christmas with bright colors that transmit joy, freshness and happiness. Colors are based on the pantone palette. 8 units


This beautiful dress was made for a size small girl who wants to look beautiful and unique in that special event. The fabric used in its elaboration is hypoallergenic and each bead was put on by...


Vibrant color that can make your outfit amaizing